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Medieval Archer2 Medieval Archer2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good specimen

This game is a good specimen of script used to serve a purpose that compliments the overall game's identity and theme. Although not a totally original idea, the concept for mechanics in this game shines in the way that it talks to the viewer. I found myself on several occasions getting very competitive and loving the way that the aiming system panned out. The only things I could say offered as a drawback were very minor features to the mechanics of the game, and aren't even worth noting.

The soundtrack was nice as it was diverse for each backdrop, which call me strange, but it added something for me. Although, the menu music and the music it matched in game was annoying after a while, considering the short loop time and repetitive nature of it.

I was originally going to talk about how there's a lack of gratification in the game, but in the long term it's hard to get a meaty feel out of a target based shooting game. The only lame thing is the length of this game is sub par in my opinion. Implementing more world and more insane target situations would be great. Possible putting in a "hardcore mode" or something which doesn't give you the extra circle for your cross hair, and requires you to really analyse the wind direction and speed. Small things like that can really offer a cool challenge.

In the gameplay, occasionally I'd find myself slightly frustrated at the fiddly nature of the control scheme though, and it sucks that I feel I gotta knitpick like this but it's hard not too. The way that having the flash in fullscreen mode gives you an advantage over not using it due to better precision with mouse and cross hair. I know it really doesn't hurt anyone to play in fullscreen, but in my opinion that shouldn't be necessary. Possibly having a focus option would help.

The game delivers what it says it will, let's be honest, but in the end there's a lot more it could have put on the plate to help make a great game out of it.

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Headix Headix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great potential game, but sort of a dissapointment

The thing I really admire about this game is the way that almost everything fits together so well. The soundtrack is very suiting and the SFX aren't invading, overly loud or unnecessary. The art style also falls in with this cool jigsaw puzzle quite well.
The only things that I find are making the game a bit less enjoyable are the game mechanics as a whole. The smooth turning animation is pretty, but elongated to such a degree it's almost invasive, considering a small chunk of beating this game effectively requires you to be very quick and agile in order to get from platform to platform efficiently. I would suggest tweaking the inclusion of the turning animation to either moving half of it into the opening sequence of your character running, or probably on a much more easy and necessary level just cutting the animation duration in two.
Sometimes the controls seem clunky as well, when you're trying to zip past baddies and up ladders, jumping at the right times and grabbing fruits the control issues sometimes unveil themselves. When I say clunky, I mainly mean occasionally it's hard to distinguish jumping height and distance as opposed to the walking speed, if you can make some sense of that. In a game like this, in my opinion, you have to nail the control scheme into the ground really effectively because majority of the finesse of playing this game is from.
This game is a really great idea, and don't get me wrong I do understand the game is in it's lightweight flash form but my position still stands as this has a lot it can become. Nevertheless I'm extremely pleased with the overall look and presentation of the game and the coordination you've implemented between all the features is admirable.

codergames responds:

Thanks! I wanted to make character turning around realistically. You can jump, either in place, left or right, even if you haven't turned fully. You move faster if you keep jumping, etc. The PC version will have much more puzzle elements, some levels would depend on you jumping of off the villagers.

In any case all the features and controls are made deliberately like so to make everything seem more "realistic".

Quick Sand Quick Sand

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty shiny

You definitely went to quite a bit of effort to fulfill all the elements required to make a sturdy game right there. I can tell that there was plenty of time and though put into it by putting effort into the little things like backdrops and humorously long haired "beach babes".
It seems like it's really hard to come up with original 2 dimensional side scroller-type games now days with the remaining areas that are untouched running out. You managed to find one of these, a simple concept with plenty of levels and a sort of competition that just makes you insult yourself if you can't manage to beat the normal version.
Which draws me to my next point. You've incorporated a non-frustrating control scheme into a humorously animated concept with non stop suspense in it, and the only way you can stack onto this club sandwich: is by adding replay value. Looking down on the previous comments it seems as if a vast majority of those who had begun to play this game had felt the urge to go for the total banana and go for each of the medals too. Whether it's just thousands of overly competitive people gathering coincidentally to play this one game and comment, or this game has done it's job in drawing others to beat themselves personally.

In my opinion, this game has definitely achieved it's goal and deserves to be recognized as such. Adding features like Lava Mode and Speedrun gave the game even MORE replay value, a feature that most console games lacks immensely. 10/10. Very good work!

Sydney Shark Sydney Shark

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is awe inspiring! Playing this was a constant adrenaline rush, and definitely preferable to it's predecessor. Usually it's difficult to come up with a decent sequel to a revolutionary way of button bashing we like to refer to as a game.
Including little subtle jokes in the process of annihilating your keyboard gives the game an awesome layer of substance, and the constant chaos and sound effects flying around the screen make the gameplay feel as if it's concrete and not hollow, making it a constant party. Having medals in this game also helps it's reward ontop of the feeling of smashing down on a huge boat holding a bunch of guys-- I know it was in the last game, but I thought as though it still counts.
Not only is this a flawless sequel to it's predecessor, it's based in Sydney! Meaning that passive instinct as a Victorian (state south of New south whales) of disliking everyone from Sydney is fulfilled when the game lets me eat, crush, and nuke Sydney!

Amazing game, so much detail and depth and.. and... yeah.. It makes me sad that you haven't yet been elevated above humanity with the release of this game, as far as I'm concerned, this needs to go console! :D

Good shit man. Full marks. Goodluck following this act with a sequel-- seriously, it'll be bloody hard.

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Wiesi responds:

Thanks a lot man! Awesome review!

BMX Master BMX Master

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'd be lying if i said i wasn't impressed! This game is GREAT! The graphics of the rider are nice and real, and the backgrounds and atmosphere were greatly constructed. You've taken things like this to a new level, as far as i'm concerned!

Cheers all round for me!

Nevermore 3 Nevermore 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great game, brother!
It was fun, interesting, and very subtle with it's story; which in a sense gave it a very realistic but creepy feel. The use of scripts was phenomenal, and i'm very glad you took the time to fully finish this piece of art.
Speaking of which; the art was AMAZING! From each upfront sketch to background blurs; it was a pure thumbs up.

Great work, and cheers all round.

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Blood Car 2000! Blood Car 2000!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't quite understand why people are being so critical. It's a very well scripted game. Think about it; it detects whether you slide kill them, whether you splat 2 or more, and then gives a well introduced comment and font. Also the way that tire tracks follow you the whole way round is well done too.
The graphics were superb, great detail, great house placement and the ability to interact with various objects around the place was a great feature aswell.

Now; Bonethugz101 commented that it had a bad story.

Your a fool, and you barely deserve a right to have a life. Instead of taking it so litterally, look at it as a simple splatterfest of a game that had a storyline made up on the spot.

It was a joke.

If you were too much of a silly boy to realise that, I emphasise your limits of feelings.

This was a well constructed flash game, and I believe it has got more than enough potential in it.
And when you run out of time in the kill mode, it had an improved SNES feeling towards it. This was a great feature.

Now from the start of the game, to the end, I did find the handeling of the vehicle was very wack, but it didn't put me off; it just encouraged me to find more about the game, and how to play it well. It also offered a fine full on version of difficulty, which was definatly a thumbs up from me.

The game had it's ups and downs. But it's an extraordinary piece of artwork. And shouldn't be understated over any circumstances.

Making flash games is difficult.

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Anarchistificationer Anarchistificationer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved every aspect of this. As MrAids said, Nothing was predictable, and thats solely what made it great. I'm not sure whether you actually wrote up the 100 ways to annoy people, but there was alot of them.

Great work.

Guitar Geek Guitar Geek

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Amazing use of scripts, fun songs, and ideas make a good time burner!
The drawings were great, and i'm happy you've adjusted the frame-rate to make a comfortable cursor speed, this doesnt seem like it should matter, but there are great games out ther, that suffer the illusion of lag due to low frame rate, youve done well. The timing for the notes to hit was out of sync at times, and i felt unfairly penalised, but that was on easy. After that one game, i jumped right up to the 'Geek' level (which i found amusing to the most), and found that all the songs were easier to handle, maybe because the timing had improved, but i dunno... Also, to increase more of a challenge, put a life metre or something (who gives a rats ass about copyright, its a flash game!), because people need a certain amount of pride to uphold their place in the game, it shouldnt be something a newbie can just waltz in and button bash and still get a decent score. Also, on the difficulty topic, there HAS to be, i say HAS to be, an unbeleivably hard song on there, that one in a million people can do, and this kind of song cannot be obtained if there is no life metre, next time, you must include that 'Dragonforce level' song, and watch the youtube vids roll in! But... as many of the others said, the game has been deprived of its replayability, it just simply dont have what it needs, and thats a large setlist of songs, maybe even an unlockable "Super Geek" level, which includes a 5th button. This game is alot of things, but summing-up words like "Meh" and "allright i guess" dont add up. This game has more than just a fun load of content, this game, has ingenious scripts, of which came from an ingenious team of people which practically invented themselves a new Newgrounds franchise that could possibly outreach the Super hero guitar Maniac Deluxe super crazy dude guy blahblahblah what ever it is, because this has a different design, a different goal, a different feel. And this game will always be played by me, till the day Newgrounds gets boughtout for google (God forbid), and until the next sequal, ill be waiting.
Amazing flash game, impressive sound quality, catchy sound effects, minus a few glitches, still constructs a long, fun, successful game.
You better make a sequal, you team of guns.

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Super Stacker Super Stacker

Rated 5 / 5 stars



by: riku575
date: 38 minutes ago



ehem, Excuse me.

That was SOOO fun, its genious with the amount of script youve put in it, one day ill understand complex script.... one day.. And you did this on AS3?! Thats AWEOSME! I'd love to be able to use AS3!! Your a god to me.. (In theory, of course)

B-E-A-U-TIFUL GAME! But i would of thought this deserved to get the Daily Feature, not just forth place, but its soooo fun!

5/5 !!!