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2010-07-03 10:04:30 by Poopsmith890


I saw it,You saw it.

2009-02-07 06:22:03 by Poopsmith890

Thats right.

I saw it, you saw it.

What, you ask? Simple. My useful message of the day. Personally I think it's more informative than the average thing I usally say.
Much, more informative.

Don't ask how I got it there. Because even i'm oblivious on how I did it. :S
I don't even believe I could write something as smart and intellegent as this.

It's probably Newgrounds generating random messages and using the name your logged on as.

But who know's, And i'm NOT asking you to answer me, because I honestly don't care.

In other news:
I'm back to school and now suffering the consequences of year 8 and start-of-year strictness.

School sucks.
And so does homework.

I got a fucking lunchtime for having my project not printed out on myu USB. So at lunch I printed it out and he's like: "Ok now colour this in and make it look nice, i'm actually insulted by this level of effort you've given to me"

And i'm: "Sorry sir, it was a bit rushed. I know. I'll begin making it the most prettyful thing you ever saw.

And I sat in the year 6 classroom with their "allecated" seats, individual desks and colourful pieces of paper on the walls. The other 6 guys weren't as lucky though.
They didn't do the shit and now they gotta hand it in by monday. (Today's saturday for your info).

Not to mention we're heading to School camp on monday.. Bit early in the term for me. But it'Ts good to get away from academic shit to sweaty things.

I brought that up because the others have to hand in their projects before we leave school to camp. Which means they're gonna get up at like 5:00 AM *Thrust, thrust, pivot, turn, Do-see-doe.*

But for me, i'm gonna have to set my alarm back about 15 minutes because of the early start. So i guess that means 6:30 roughly.

Knowing me i'll jjust head back to sleep. But it's the thought that counts, right?

But since I got all the shit I had to pack, i'm probably gonna get a lift anyway. So it all good.

But we shall see, eh?

Alrighty. Thats about all i needed to get off my chest for now.

MEGA UPDATE: Just received a message from my form teacher. Camp's been post phoned until further notice due to Australia, Victoria bushfires going out of control. So a normal day of school tomorrow. Sigh.

For further info on these fires, head to RubberNinja's userpage. He's got a big heart.

Peace out NG, and heres the pic:

I saw it,You saw it.

Brand new look!

2008-12-22 21:26:46 by Poopsmith890

Weeeeeeeelllllll, i was snooping around the old NG base camp, when nothing but my eyes saw the icon i carried along with my posts, i decided these were embarresing, so i gave the old pico picture a makeover, a refined look. Now in the new icon, the quality is higher and you can see less of the '4' that was embedded in the poor kid's head. I havent made a post in a long time. So i decided to make up some lame excuse for it. Horay!

In other news, if you haven't joined the pyro collab, your probably very lonely, because we have so many people, its hard to tell whether we'll be able to upload it! :O

But if your not in it, your probably in that stupid Disturbed collab. And Disturbed sucks.
Oh shit, i hope i don't get shot for that! Better put on teh "no comments thingy"


Anyway, merry christmas, and heres the pic.

Brand new look!


2008-10-24 21:58:21 by Poopsmith890

i have put together pics of ALL the blam pics! It took me a while, but i did it! And i have the author of the blammed toon, Deadly stickville to thank.